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The Amplitude alternative: product analytics for B2B

June is the only product analytics tool entirely built for B2B SaaS companies. It's also the only one that your whole team will actually use in they day-to-day. And you can try it out today by just importing your Amplitude historical data

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I got 90% of the data I need against Amplitude with much less time spent. Event inspector and users are also invaluable resources when debugging or looking room for improvements

Bastiaan Gielliet
Head of Marketing, Theydo

Analyse better

Company-level focus

June helps you understand how companies, groups or organisations use your product. When every account is worth a lot, mantaining good engagement level is key

Measure everything at a company-level without effort: from retention to activation. You just need to toggle from user level to company level view
Deep dive in a company.
Analytics normally gives you aggregated insights but in B2B outliers are the ones that count. June gives you a comapny page where you can understand the health of every company
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For your whole team

Finally a product analytics tool that your team will actually use. Everybody in the org deserves to know how customers are using your product.

Slack integration.
Make your team feel the pulse of your product by sending live updates directly in Slack. Never miss a move from the hottest accounts
June is not only for product managers or founders but for your whole org: from success to sales to ops. Everybody will be able to self-serve data and become more data-driven
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Make the choice

Buy what you actually need

Stop paying for a tool that almost nobody exploits in your team. June might not have all the functionalities of Amplitude, but it helps your organisation focus only on the relavant metrics in a simple way.

Next gen.
It's time to ditch your 15 years old tool and embrace the next-gen of product analytics
Product analytics can be hard. For this reason we're here to help you: cleaning up your data has never beeen easier
Built for B2B use cases
Property and trait breakdowns
SQL editor
Easy to setup
Statistical experiments
Suitable for large B2C
Templated reports
A / B testing

"We use June to aid with data-led decision-making, unblocking customers, increasing activation, and getting a general overview of the health of our product among users"

Calum Boal
Head of Security Engineering at OnSecurity

"Acquiring new customers is much harder than retaining them. With June we have been able to find who was about to churn and re-engage them. Also, tracking the latest features shipped is extremely simple"

Manou Febvret
Head of Product & Design of Waldo
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Import your data, try June

Just import your Amplitude data, no technical support needed

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June 1.0 - Instant analytics reports built on top of Segment | Product Hunt

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June 1.0 - Instant analytics reports built on top of Segment | Product Hunt