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June is the only product analytics tool entirely built for B2B SaaS companies. It's also the only one that is able to smoothly integrate with your CRM

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Enable your sales

Product usage data in your CRM

Until today feeding the CRM with the right data was a 2-week long project. Right now, the new generation of B2B-SaaS tools is here and you can setup everything in a few minutes. No reverse ETL, no data warehouse.


Make sure the most promising signups get the care that they deserve. Even if you're doing PLG some accounts need the extra push


Allow your sales team to close more by bubbling up PQLs. Timing in sales is everything and product usage data will make you more efficient

Prevent churn

In B2B most of the revenue comes from few accounts. Monitoring activity and reaching our before it's too late will reduce churn


Computed traits

Create custom traits to send product usage data in the CRM. Total number of seats, number of active seats, core number of actions will be computed and synced every day. No need for calculation in a data warehouse to setup your custom data points.

Custom data points
Enable your team with the numbers without using engineering capacity.
Simple calculation
Fresh data calculated every day. Keep your CRM up to date and don't miss out on a single deal.
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Know more

A single source of truth

Have your CRM be the source of truth for what's happening inside and outside of your product. All the way from the analysis to the action, in one place.

Back your assumptions with data and come up with the right plan of attack.
Take action
Sync the data you need to take the right action at the right time. In a blink of an eye.
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Finally CRM functionalities on top of product usage data. Create lists and views on the basis of product usage data to integract with the right people at the right time

Automation workflows.
Leverage your CRM's workflows together with June's signals to save time and deliver value to customers at the right time
Filter & Sort
Customise your views with the right informations to interact with the right accounts. No context switching, just executions
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Data mapping

Enable your sales team by having in the CRM the right signals. Active seats, activation milestones, number of core actions performed will help you to close more and prevent churn.

Users and Groups
Sync meaningsul information both at a user and group level.
Constant sync
No manual update or need to double check in different tools. Every hour, data in the CRM will be updated
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"It's like magic—suddenly, everything's in one place, making it much easier to find upsell gems or save users on the edge. Kinda our backstage pass to smarter GTM actions"

Nicolay Thafvelin
CTO of VeV

"June is an exceptional product analytics tool. It has changed how we plan what to build, and helped us convert more users. Consuming data and actually leverage it, is much easier than with other tools"

Sachin Jain
CEO of Requestly
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Connect June to your CRM

Feed Attio with June's data, no technical support needed

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June 1.0 - Instant analytics reports built on top of Segment | Product Hunt