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Vev's path to integrating their CRM with product data

Vev is a no-code web builder that empowers teams across various industries to visually build any content — from scrollytelling articles to interactive reports. With Vev, teams can launch content with a much shorter time to market by streamlining their workflows.

Nicolay, the CTO and Co-founder of Vev, wants his team, from product to sales, to better understand customer usage of their product.


Vev was founded by Tine Karlsen and Nicolay Thafvelin. It bridges the gap between simple no-code tools and complex custom coding & design. Users can create visually stunning, technically precise digital content without the difficulties of traditional web development.

Vev serves clients in publishing, marketing, and enterprise sectors, such as Pfizer, Experian, WWF and CAA.

Vev has a flexible design editor with extensive possibilities to extend with custom coded elements. This combination supports varied web-building and enhances teamwork in web projects. Vev is known for its unique approach to fulfilling the creative and technical needs of modern web designers.


Nicolay, Vev's CTO, was looking for a new product analytics tool. The goal was to better understand user behavior, focusing on the increase in new account sign-ups. 

Current tools were great for detailed, occasional analysis but not for daily use. As the product team expanded, few members could use the old tools effectively.

The objective was to make product usage data more accessible and useful for more employees. This involved improving product analytics and integrating it with the company's CRM system. This need grew with Vev's Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategy, which brought in more sign-ups and overwhelmed the sales team.

Moreover, the GTM, including Sales and Customer Success, needed a quick way to sift through data and prioritize key accounts. They also needed tools to re-engage customers not fully benefiting from Vev’s feature set.

In short, Vev required an analytics solution that was easy for daily use, could integrate with their CRM, and help identify and re-engage valuable customers.

The Solution

Key Metrics for Team Unity

Nicolay integrated the June SDK into Vev. He customized reports, enabling the entire organization to easily monitor key metrics and the company’s trajectory. These metrics fall into categories like Acquisition, Activation, Ongoing Usage, and Retention & Churn.

Acquisition Focus
Given Vev's PLG strategy, tracking new user trends is vital. They use the New Users report for this purpose.

Activation Analysis 
To ensure users independently find value in Vev, the Activation report identifies areas in the user experience that need improvement.

Ongoing Usage Monitoring 
Nicolay views Vev as a puzzle with varying feature sizes, all equally important.

The team tracks Active Users & Companies to ensure new sign-ups become returning users. They also closely monitor each main feature usage through multiple reports, comparing feature usage across different customer cohorts, like Enterprise vs. Free users. They do so using June’s Feature Audit report

Retention and Churn Measurement 
As a B2B SaaS company, Vev prioritizes retention, focusing on B2B Paying customers. This approach helps the team focus their efforts only on ideal customer profiles (ICPs).

Leveraging CRM with Product Data

Nicolay enabled right away the integration of critical product usage data into their CRM through the June-Attio integration. This allowed immediate access to essential insights, identifying product-qualified leads, and minimizing churn.

Dynamic Data Sync and Analysis 
June regularly updates Attio with key data fields, including subscription details and usage metrics. Computed traits in June, like active seats or recent project publications, keep customer data up-to-date. This integration is crucial for customer success representatives to proactively engage with customers and prevent churn.

Workflow Optimization for Customer Management 
Vev's use of Attio's Workflows assigns health scores to customers and efficiently manages deal stages. This efficiency is key in their PLG strategy, allowing Vev to quickly respond to customer needs and seize upselling opportunities.


A single source of truth 
Vev has created a single, reliable source for all product usage data. Team members can easily access detailed information on feature usage or specific user interactions with just a couple clicks.

Enhanced Go-to-Market Capabilities 
By integrating detailed product usage data with customer profiles, Vev's GTM team is well-equipped to identify strong upsell candidates and quickly intervene with users showing signs of potential churn.

Beyond analytics: enriching HubSpot with real-time data


Beyond analytics: enriching HubSpot with real-time data


Understanding User Interaction with CommandBar

Understanding User Interaction with CommandBar
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