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Beyond analytics: enriching HubSpot with real-time data

Knack, a leading provider of no-code database software, enables businesses to transform their operations by creating custom applications. 

With a focus on empowering teams to manage data, automate processes, and build online databases without coding, Knack has been at the forefront of simplifying complex tasks for a wide range of industries.

Mo Bingham, leading Revenue Operations at Knack, was tasked to enhance the Go-to-Market (GTM) team's capabilities by gaining a deeper understanding of customer engagement and identifying both power users and those needing additional support in real-time.


Founded in 2010, Knack has been instrumental in bridging the gap between business needs and technological solutions. It offers an intuitive platform for creating online databases, enabling users from various sectors, including education, healthcare, and e-commerce, to streamline their operations.

Knack's commitment to customer success and product innovation has made it a trusted partner for thousands of businesses seeking to optimize their data management and application development processes.

The Challenge

With a wealth of historical data, the team was looking to understand themes in product usage. Tools like Segment provided a great foundation, but it was particularly difficult to make sense of the vast amounts of event data. 

So the first step was to identify power users of the platform and find commonalities between users. What parts of the product were they using? Were there any firmographic or technographic data overlaps? 

Then once they had this data, the next step was to make this data actionable. For Knack, actionable meant routing leads to onboarding specialists as well as tailoring onboarding emails based on the user's specific product usage.

The minimum requirements were to aggregate product events as well as find a way to frequently transfer the data into their CRM, HubSpot, ideally without too much need for engineering support. 

The Solution

Integration of Product Data with CRM

To address these challenges, Knack turned to June, a tool they were currently leveraging for its analytics capabilities. As part of June’s product, we integrate directly with HubSpot, providing the capability to send specific product data as fields into HubSpot. 

This integration allows you to sync both Segment trait (properties) values and computed ones based on Segment events. Traits (also known as attributes or properties) are information attached to users and companies that are mostly used as filters for creating audiences or cohorts. 

Normally traits get created and updated through an identify call (user traits) or group call (company traits) but with June's Computed Traits, Mo and the team can create and update traits automatically based on events running computations like total counts, unique counts, booleans, etc.In this example, every day June will calculate and update the number of logins for every single user.

Mo created a few of these and mapped them to the corresponding HubSpot user properties so that all the important signals are available in the CRM.

With these data points the team is now able to:

  • Calculate a product score within HubSpot: leveraging the synced fields, Knack developed a product score within HubSpot. This score helps quantify user engagement and identify high-potential leads based on product usage.
  • Identify user engagement patterns: the integration enables the team to gain insights into how customers are using Knack's platform. This data-driven approach helps to identify trends with power users and those requiring additional support, enabling targeted engagement strategies.
  • Automate lead routing and onboarding emails: with product data now within HubSpot, Knack could quickly automate lead routing to the onboarding team, routing and prioritizing based on product signals. This ensured that users received timely and relevant support, enhancing their onboarding experience.
  • Enhance onboarding team efficiency: when the onboarding was chatting or meeting with users, the integrated fields in HubSpot provided immediate insights into a user’s product usage. This information allowed the onboarding team to reduce the time spent on exploration and troubleshooting, offering more efficient and effective support.

The Outcome

The addition of product data analytics with Knack’s CRM transformed the team’s GTM strategy by providing real-time insights into customer behavior. 

June enabled the GTM team to:

  • Proactively engage with power users: by identifying power users in real-time, Knack could proactively engage with them, offering advanced support and identifying upsell opportunities
  • Offer targeted support to users in need: for users experiencing difficulties, the GTM team could quickly intervene with targeted support and guidance, improving the overall customer experience and reducing churn.
  • Streamline lead management: the automated routing of leads and personalization of onboarding communications streamlined the management of new and existing customers, enhancing the efficiency of Knack's GTM efforts.
  • Adapt quickly to data and tracking needs with the GTM team with little to no engineering support.
Unlocking conversational business: Clerk Chat’s journey with June


Unlocking conversational business: Clerk Chat’s journey with June


Vev's path to integrating their CRM with product data

Vev's path to integrating their CRM with product data
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