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Doubling activation rate in 9 months

Bridge.audio is the cloud made for audio files.

Bridge.audio provides a single platform where users can store and share their audio assets, no matter the format. The platform is built for everyone working with audio files: creators, managers, distributors, publishers and supervisors can store and organize their work seamlessly.

François-Marie (Business Manager) and Lydie (Product Manager) have been using June to improve user activation over time.


Bridge.audio is a seed-stage company of 10 employees founded in 2019.
The company is an audio-focused alternative to tools like Wetransfer, Dropbox or Soundcloud for professionals that need to work and collaborate on audio assets.


Bridge.audio is a product that can be used by many different kinds of people. And in many different ways. For instance the product is useful for music managers, editors, press agencies, or podcasters.

For this reason, one challenge for the team consisted in understanding which actions in the product led to higher activation.

The Solution

Learn what actions drive to activation during the first sessions

To improve activation Franz and his team first wanted to have a clear picture of how the most engaged users of Bridge.audio behaved during their first sessions.

Figuring out what the ideal journey for a user looks like would then allow them to take initiatives to push more users through this happy path.

To do so, Franz and his team took the top 20 most retained users from the User Retention report.

Then, using the user profiles, they manually checked the events the users triggered the most during their first week.

After this, the team interviewed some relevant users to get more qualitative feedback about what they found to be interesting and valuable during their first sessions.

To validate these learnings Franz created a bunch of Activation Explorer reports in June to see which actions - together with their relative frequency - performed during the first week of usage led to better retention over time.

“Activation explorer” report

Thanks to this, Franz and his team managed to understand which were the most important actions users should take in their first sessions in order to activate.

Keep an eye on the activation journey

Based on the learnings gained, Bridge.audio put in place a set of actions (also called milestones) that, if carried out during the first session(s), would lead the newly registered users to activate more likely.

Then, the team used those actions to set up a User Activation report in June so that they could understand where users are getting stuck.

It looked something like this:

“User activation” report

This information is used by the product team to iterate on the features with which users are struggling the most.

This report is also used as a starting point for following up with users that do not complete most of the milestones. To do this, the team downloads a CSV file that contains all the users that did not complete some strategic steps.

After some iterations, Franz and team saw great improvement in the percentage of users that complete all the milestones within the first week after signing up.

Nail the “7 days” post-signup experience

The 7 days post sign up are usually the most critical ones. If a user does not stick to your product for 7 days, there is little chance she will stay longer (or even remember you).

To get a sense of how users are engaging during their first week, the team used a user retention report based on daily cohorts. This allows them to see how many users join every day and how many come back to use Bridge every day.

This is very useful to understand how users are engaging with the product a few days after signing up. End goal for Bridge.audio is to make sure that the % increase over time.


In the last months the Bridge.audio team has been using June to figure out how to shape their app in a way that the time-to-value is as short as possible.

Thanks to a higher activation rate, Bridge.audio is now able to better capitalize its signups and focus on improving the features that matter the most during the activation process. Very recently they were also able to launch their product on product hunt with a self-served experience! 💪


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