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Ferruccio BalestreriCTO and Co-Founder at June

31 Mar 22

Products like Linear in 2024

You want the tools you use for work to be as good as the tools you use in your free time, like Whatsapp and Instagram.

Linear is part of a new generation of software that you use at work, but that is as good as the software you use in your free time.


  • Superhuman - The fastest email app. The creator of this category of delightful to use business software. If you think about it, it makes sense that this trend would start from the tools that people spend most of their time in
  • Height - Height is project management on steroids. With fast keyboard shortcuts, channels to chat like Slack, and a collaboration layer as good as Figma.

    Here's an in-depth analysis of what makes the product so good.
  • Notion Calendar - Formerly known as Cron is a calendar app designed to be the delightful high-end version of Google Calendar
  • Amie - Amie is what your calendar and to-do list would look like if Snapchat built them
  • Pitch - Make presentations that look good. Pitch is the Linear of Powerpoint
  • Browser Company - The browser company is trying to reinvent the browser from the ground up
  • Routine - All-in-one app for tasks, calendar, notes and contacts with a Superhuman feel
  • Frame - An all-in-one suite to create & centralize your team's notes, tasks, whiteboards, goals and wikis

Delightful business software

  • June - Amplitude feels cold and intimidating, June is warm and welcoming.
  • Spline - Like Figma, but for 3D design.

    Here's a deep dive into some of the most delightful details of Spline.
  • Incident - A delightful version of Pagerduty that lives inside of Slack
  • Craft - Arguably the most polished and fast note-taking and knowledge base app
  • Railway - AWS but delightful to use
  • Clay - A high-end personal CRM and note taking app
  • Fiberplane - Like Jupyter notebooks, but pretty to look at and integrated with your observability stack
  • Crew - An applicant tracking system that is FAST and delightful
  • Folk - A delightful to use modern CRM
  • Laserfocus - The fastest way for Salesforce users to organize their pipeline, to-dos, and time. No more Boomersoftware.
  • Attio - The Superhuman of CRMs, with instant search for any contact and a flexible data model.

Any products missing that I should add to this list? DM me on twitter or email me at ferruccio@june.so

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