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30 May 23

How Airbnb launches new products

Source: The Verge
Airbnb has great ideas but rarely launches them.

Airbnb has great ideas but rarely launches them.
They want "permission to build".

Here is what it means, and why it works so well.

Great startups have a bias toward action.
They build things the world needs.
Without asking.

But sometimes they launch new products too fast.
They fall into the trap of what made their success.

They should wait instead.

Airbnb has tons of ideas to expand.
Yet they wait.

They waited years before launching Airbnb Experience.
And are still waiting to launch their next products.


This is what Airbnb’s Brian Chesky calls the "permission to build".

Permission happens when people root for you.

Tesla customers love their Tesla car.
They loved it so much that they wanted to see a Tesla truck.

In 2006 many Apple fans wanted Apple to come out with a phone.
Because people loved their iPods.

Both Tesla and Apple had "permission" to build something new.
And you only get permission to build more if people love what you do.

If people complain about your product:

- your price is too expensive...
- your customer service is taking too long...

>> Then you don’t have permission.

People think you’re going to bring garbage.

New ideas are great, but don't be fooled.

You need to build something great first.
And sometime that mean waiting.

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