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24 Apr 23

The Future of Moats, AI, and Marketing: A Conversation with Yuriy Timen

In the latest episode of the June Podcast, June CEO Enzo Avigo invited Yuriy Timen, a renowned growth advisor at companies such as Canva, Airtable, Otter.ai, Hims & Hers, Krisp, Jumbo, and Varo Bank, to discuss the future of moats, the impact of AI on marketing, and how the landscape of product development is evolving.

This blog post summarizes their engaging conversation, providing valuable insights for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, marketing, and business growth.

The Future of Moats

Yuriy Timen highlights how important it is to have strong competitive advantages in today's fast-changing business world. These advantages, called moats, help businesses do well in competitive markets. But Yuriy warns not to just rely on current moats for ongoing success.

Companies need to always put effort and resources into finding and making new moats. By focusing on new ideas, they can make sure their business keeps changing and growing. This way, they can handle changes in the industry and new technology better.

To do this, Yuriy says companies should make learning and getting better a big part of their culture. They should look for new chances, try out new ideas, and keep up with new trends and technology. By having this kind of environment, businesses can find new moats that might help them be successful in the long run.

In short, the future of moats depends on how well companies can change and adjust to new market situations. Businesses that put new ideas and growth at the center of their plans are more likely to stay ahead of their competition. By following this approach, companies can make sure they are ready to take advantage of new chances and protect their future success.

The Impact of AI on Marketing and Product Development

The podcast talked about the big impact of generative AI in marketing and product development. Yuriy was excited about how the line between these two areas is getting less clear. This is happening because of AI tools and resources for building software. This change could let growth marketers have more control and work faster when making and using products for customers.

As making and sending out product tools becomes easier and faster, product development might become a new way to do marketing. Timen talked about his experience working with teams that already use this idea. They quickly make and launch products for customers without needing much help from engineers.

The conversation also looked at the growing use of AI-made content, like the AI-created songs with Drake and Kanye West that got very popular on Twitter. This brings up important questions about what people's roles will be in marketing, product development, and other industries. As AI-created content keeps getting better, it will be important to figure out how people can still play a part when automation and smart technology are everywhere.

As more AI-generated content is used, businesses and people will need to change their skills and find ways to work with these advanced technologies. This might mean using human creativity, understanding, and critical thinking to add to what AI can do. This could lead to more new and effective ways to do marketing and product development. The big challenge over the next ten years will be to find the right balance between people's input and the power of AI. This will make sure both can do well in a world that's changing fast.


The podcast with Enzo Avigo and Yuriy Timen offered valuable insights into the changing landscape of marketing, product development, and business growth. As AI continues to shape these industries, companies must adapt and prepare for a future where the lines between marketing and product blur, and the role of humans in the face of automation becomes a critical question. By staying innovative and embracing change, businesses can continue to thrive in this ever-evolving world.

For those interested in learning more about Yuriy Timen's work with companies or listening to other podcasts he has been featured in, he can be found on LinkedIn and his website, Yuritimen.com

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