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Enzo AvigoCEO and Co-founder at June

26 Sep 23

Reimagining Product Analytics for B2B ✨

In the past 12 months we’ve dedicated all of our energies to helping B2B SaaS get more value out of June. By focusing more on their needs, we learned about their daily challenges.

Today we’re excited to share our latest development. A new way of doing product analytics for B2B SaaS businesses:

  • Fast analysis to get answers and spend more time building
  • A super-fast finder for your whole team - to know how any customers individually use your product
  • CRM integrations, so you can message the right account at the right time with the right message
  • Computed traits (ex: active seats, usage drop) - to put your CRM on steroïds


In B2B SaaS, it’s common to look up a user or company, let's say before taking a call with them. Indeed many of you spend a lot of time exploring a single user and company's activity. We noticed that and worked for you!

The new June is the fastest way for you to jump to any of your user or company profiles. With this upgrade:

  • User and company pages will take at most around a second to load
  • Most charts load instantly, including charts filtered for a single company
  • You can now just press Command K and search across reports, users, and companies. The menu also offers a preview to skim through the results

CRM integrations

Product teams spend significant effort to know how people use their products. Yet, Sales and CS teams are left in the dark.

Without access to product data, they can’t be proactive with customers, or catch a customer before they enter an unhappy spiral.

This is a big missed opportunity. Let's say you increase by 1% your monthly revenue with your CRM - by sending well-timed messages. You're going to end the year with 113.8% of your ARR initially planned. Not bad right?

The CRM integrations let you collect product usage data and push them to Hubspot and Attio.

CRM integrations are available in the PRO plan

Your product won't be a black box anymore for your Sales and Support teams. In practice

  • Your Sales team can uncover the hidden revenue in your pipeline. Proactively surface the best opportunities based on usage insights.
  • Your Support team can spend time with your customers and keep customers happy and coming back for more. Use data to proactively manage churn and boost retention.

Computed traits

Computed traits are available in the PRO plan

Sometimes standard product data isn’t enough. Let’s say you want to know the number of active seats within an account in the last 30 days or the total usage from customers in the last 14 days. To pass this information into your CRM you need a Sales Engineer to write queries. This process is slow and rigid. The other option is to use the formulas editor provided by your CRM - an expensive and complex approach.

Today we solve that. We’ve built that middle layer for you, we called it “smart traits”. Using a no-code trait editor you can define rules to compute smart traits. Traits then run every 24 hours. You can use these traits in June - like any other trait - or push them to your CRM. These advanced traits put your CRM on steroïd and enable ever more use cases for your Sales and CS teams.

If you're a B2B SaaS, these improvements should fundamentally change the way you think of your product analytics. They will turn your product usage data into actual revenue, and bring your Product, Sales, and CS teams together. They should also make your daily experience using June a lot more pleasant.

Again big THANK YOU if you decided to be on this journey with us already.

For the others a big WELCOME 💜


Note: CRM integrations and smart traits are available in our new PRO plan.

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