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Point Nine Jumps on the Ship

Ferruccio Balestreri

Jun 01, 2021


Startup founders are a bunch of pirates trying to do something in a better way.

Knowing your numbers is crucial to set the right direction, so the knobs (or features) you add to your product take you to the promised land of Product Market Fit.

As a founder, you want to bring something new into the world. Something that brings joy. Something that people want. Something that makes your team proud.

To do this you have limited time and resources. You need to iterate fast and build positive momentum. But when a flywheel gets set in motion, it’s (very) hard to stop. When what you’re building is used and loved, revenues eventually go up, the team is happy and productive and it feels like the world is working with you. June wants to help you get there. Using your data. On your journey, you’ll need to know where you currently are, quickly steer the boat and make buttons that people click. Companies like Qonto, Folk, and Candis (and a good number of our fellow companies in the latest YC batch) do this by measuring usage, retention, creating goals around these metrics and aligning the whole team with email and Slack updates. All within June.

Point Nine shares our goal of guiding founders to product-market fit and led a $1.85M Seed round investment. Speedinvest, Y Combinator, eFounders, and Kima Ventures are also joining the party. Experienced angel investors are participating: Scott Belsky (founder of Behance), Daris Contractor (Head of Growth, Airtable), Kevin Niparko (Product Lead, Segment), Tom Erchenia (Sales Leader, Branch), Leslie Chard, (Senior Vice President, InVision), Jonathan Widawski (CEO, Maze), Sam Johnson (ex- Head of partnership, Segment), Kevin Indig (Director of SEO, Shopify), Fabri Cara (Growth, Abstract), Jeremy Le Van (ex-co-founder, Sunrise), Nick Franklin (CEO, Chartmogul), Erika Batista (Head Of International, On Deck), Dan Siroker (ex-cofounder, Optimizely), Elena Verna (EIN, Reforge), Alena & Ankur (cofounders, Basecase Capital), Humberto Ayres Pereira (co-founder, Rows), Amaury Sepulchre (Partner, eFounders), Romain Dardour (founder, Hull) and Anant Akash. We'll use this money to get a bigger boat and grow our crew* to support more founders.

If you want to learn more about our vision, we talk about it more here.

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- Enzo & Ferruccio

We’re looking for two founding engineers. If you’re ready for an adventure, join us

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