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Enzo AvigoCEO and Co-founder at June

27 Jun 22

Mckenna is joining as Head of Education

We’re excited to announce June’s first Head of Education!

Well, kind of… her name is Mckenna and she’s 6 years old 💜

At June, our vision is to make analytics dead simple. So simple that even a 6 year old can understand and explain it with plain words.

Meet Mckenna!

Mckenna is fun, energetic, and has a great personality.

She is focused on earning money in order to protect wild animals through the WWF Symbolic Species Adoptions program. She is currently working part-time with us 😇

Her parents, Graham and Vanessa, run all the behind the scenes so that McKenna can focus on her work and school 🎓

We hope that you will love what she created as much as we do!

Her first education video

Mckenna just launched her first education video!

Ever asked yourself what users you should consider as active in your product?

McKenna explains it in the simplest way possible.

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