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28 Dec 22

June’s year in review: Our biggest update yet

In 2022, June grew from an early-stage product to a robust and established product in the analytics space.

This year our customers opened more than 400,000 reports. Our monthly active users have 5x. And we introduced a paid plan to help us become the tool you can rely on for the next 10 years.

As December comes to an end, we’re sharing our official year in review with you. Because we couldn’t have made it this far without our amazing customers, partners, teammates, and investors.

Ready for the highlights?


June 2.0: In February we announced June 2.0. The easiest product analytics for B2B SaaS. June started as a plug & run analytics. It is now the only end-to-end productanalytics that enables B2B to turn product usage data into revenue.

Peer recognition: This year June got some amazing recognition from the tech world. June made it in the On Deck’s Top 100 companies, ranked #2 for SaaS in the Golden Kitty Awards of 2021. Y Combinator listed June as a recommended tool in “Analytics for Startups”, next to unicorns like Segment. This was a great recognition one year only after we went through the program (W21).

Conferences: In 2022 June got more public visibility than ever. Among others, our co-founders gave talks on the main stages of international conferences. Enzo Avigo (CEO) at Web Summit, and Ferruccio Balestreri (CTO) at the CDP Week. We also gave talks at dozens of podcasts.

New pricing: After 18 months of development, the product has matured a lot, but our pricing didn't. We updated our pricing to charge based on monthly active users, and not for the visitors to your site. We believe this price to be more fair for you, and it will help us become the tool you can rely on for the next 10 years.

30u30: Our Co-Founder Ferruccio was featured on the Italian Forbes 30 under 30 in "Enterprise Technology".

Product updates

Here are a few notable features from the year:

Features: If you’re shipping new features then June provides a complete feature release analysis in 2-click. It includes all you need to find and measure a feature's success. It helps you decide how to iterate.

CRM integration: We're building the next-gen product analytics tool for B2B SaaS companies. Every B2B SaaS company at some point starts using a CRM. So we built our first CRM integration: Hubspot! It lets you see your product usage data in your CRM, and link 1:1 your users and companies usage data.

Auto-qualify sign up: In B2B not all sign up are equals. Every time someone signs up for your product you want to run a quick Google search to qualify them. What if June could do this for you automatically? We built this, using Google Search and GPT-3. We made it free for all our users.

New data sources: This year we introduced a new set of data sources to June. The most noticeable one is our own tracking. This means you can adopt June end-to-end without adopting any other third party tools. If you love CDPs we added integration to Rudderstack (open-source) and Freshpaint (no-code).

Saved audiences: You can now save groups of users and companies in audiences. These audiences can then be re-used across all of your reports. Or stand-alone, for instance to measure users' health 🔴🟠🟢

B2B specifics: We learned that some of the metrics B2B SaaS look at are quite specific. For this reason we introduced account-level metrics. But also success metrics such as a list of the most engaged companies, and the one likely to churn. We also revamped the company page to help you understand how one single company perform, at a glance.

Simplify the product: We’ve been obsessed with simplifying June. We killed a core concept we started with: templates. We made the report set up always visible. We also added in-product suggestions, like tracking plans and filters recommendations.

Flexibility: Together with simplifying our product, we made it more flexible so you don't feel limited. We added events threshold, funnel breakdown, an explorer mode, etc.

Our team

This year we stayed nimble.

Daniel joined us in May as our founding designer. Our remote team bonded and tackled complex topics during retreats in Portugal, Crete and South of France.


With the new design of our website and blog, we created tons of fresh content. We published 61 articles on our blog, 14 case studies, 11 product dissections, 2 metrics playbooks, and even. 1 pitch deck.

Here’s a highlight of two of our favorites:

  • Product metrics benchmarks: If you need to know a good benchmark for one of your product metrics. Or if you want to measure yours in seconds and see how you compare. June has all you need to compare metrics instantly.
  • June school: 2-minute videos that explain in simple words all you need to know to nail your Analytics ✨


Looking back on the year, we accomplished more than we could have thought possible.

You may be wondering, what’s next for June?

We’ll keep focusing on our product features to make June the most delightful and valuable product analytics for B2B SaaS.

We have big plans for our future. We can't wait for you to see them!

Thanks again for being with us.
Happy Holidays!

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