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07 Mar 23

From Chaos to Clarity: How We Nailed Our Product Positioning

Louis cut straight to the point at our board meeting, as he always did. "Your landing page conversion is terrible," he said. "You need to work on your positioning make it crystal clear what June is all about."

We nodded in agreement, but the truth was we didn't really know where to start.

We began our search for guidance. First, by skim reading a book by a former executive at a startup. 256 pages dripping with thought leadership that left us more confused than when we started.

But what if there already was a blog post about this? We read through obscure blogs and Substacks. Searching for that elusive nugget of wisdom.

Until we stumbled upon the cheatsheet we needed.

The cheatsheet we found

The first approach

We pasted it in a Figma board and got together as a team to fill in our answers:

Problem we solve
Product analytics takes a long time to setup and you don't know what to measure

What is your product
Product Analytics

Who is it for
B2B SaaS startups

Why is it better

What pain point does this solve
Don't have to think about what to measure and figure out how to visualise

The work in progress version of our landing page we threw out

Our final attempt

After weeks of iterations, our landing page kept growing in size. The team was busy working on features and didn't give much feedback on the designs. Suddenly, we were a week away from the biggest launch of the year.

Dan our designer, as a formality, presented the ready to build design to the team.

A couple of minutes in, a palpable sense of disappointment creeped into our huddle. There was no spark, no magic that would make June stand out from the crowd.

Our excitement was quickly replaced by a feeling of despair. But we couldn't give up yet, not without a fight. We needed to try something different, something bold.

Maybe, just maybe, we should just copy a startup we look up to. The guys at Equals seem to know what they're doing. Their landing page is short and sweet, with just three key features listed.

Equals is the only spreadsheet that has built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration

Our designer, Dan, had gone through ten iterations and scrapped the whole damn thing three times. Maybe we should throw away all the frameworks and restart a fourth time keeping things simple.

With this in mind, we came up with a new tagline.

"June is the only product analytics tool that gives you auto-generated reports focused on companies."

Then, we made the decision to only talk about the three main benefits of using June.

The benefits we came up with were:

  1. The auto-generated reports
  2. How the company tracking works
  3. How anyone in a company can just click around and understand product analytics
The final version of our landing page

And that's how we finally nailed our positioning. The journey was as chaotic as my Italian nonna's cooking, but damn it, we got there.

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