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Enzo AvigoCEO and Co-founder at June

28 Apr 22

June x Freshpaint

We're excited to announce that we now support Freshpaint as a new data source into June.

At June we believe that Analytics should be available to anyone - including teams without technical resources.

When we met the Freshpaint team in San Francisco two weeks ago we learned about their vision to empower non-technical users to configure events using a visual editor, and we loved it.

We wrote extensively about our belief that everyone in a company should be empowered to understand how the product is actually being used. Freshpaint combined with June allows precisely that.

Freshpaint auto-tracking allows teams to track their user's actions without engineering resources, their time machine lets companies backfill up to 12 months of data retroactively.

Then June opinionated analytics let you turn this data into actionable insights - automatically.

Connected together, Freshpaint and June feel like magic 🪄

They're like a double rainbow 🌈

Connecting Freshpaint to June takes 3 minutes. Again no engineering resources involved (more details on how to connect them here).

We're really excited that Freshpaint users can finally experience a delightful analytics experience - end to end.

We hope you 💜 it

Take care

- Enzo & Ferruccio -

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