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Auto-qualify sign-ups

Enzo Avigo

Dec 15, 2022


Today we’re rolling out real-time enrichment to Slack notifications. For everyone and for free!

Enriching user information is key for any B2B business. To do that most companies pay for expensive enrichment tools like Clearbit.

It’s something we’ve always wanted to add to June. But supporting a Clearbit license for all of our customers didn't make much sense. Plus we always had some doubts in regards to GDPR cause you never really know where the data is coming from.

But this is the past!

Introducing Auto-qualify, June first GPT-3-powered feature.

With Auto-qualify, June enriches in real-time your users. Right from where you need it: a Slack notification.

From a user email, June will tell GPT-3 to find the following information on Google:

  • 🙋‍♀️User: first name, last name, role and LinkedIn
  • 🏢Company: name,  size, funding, website, location and crunchbase

The problem

First, in B2B not all sign up are worth the same.

When you get a decent amount of sign up, it becomes hard to spot the strategic ones and follow up accordingly. This problem gets bad when your business is bottom up.

Second, the time elapsed post sign-up is critical.

When a strategic account tests your product, there is a good chance it's testing several ones. And that they will pick one fast. If you can’t spot these accounts you’ll miss your chance to close them.

So today I’m happy to share with you our June SDK and documentation. The June docs help you get started in the same way we help you do product analytics.

We made our docs short and to the point. We also made them easy to follow. We think you’ll be able to get started collecting real data in your product in less than 20 minutes.

The solution

You told us you love notifications to know when key events happen live in your product, especially signs up!

You also shared that Slack is where you are the most responsive.

For these two reasons we decided to add real-time user enrichment to Slack notifications 🎉

The story

Two weeks ago Ferruccio realized he could query Google with GPT3. And make it look for answers on the internet.

The team decided to use that method to see if we could enrich someone's profile. For instance find someone’s job, or company. Turns out it works like a charm ✨!

After two weeks iterating with beta customers, we're happy to announce that the feature is live to all.

We can’t wait to see what you do with it.

To try it

If you want to give it a spin you can sign up here and find the feature accessible starting today from your event list.


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