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Enzo AvigoCEO and Co-founder at June

07 Dec 22

Announcing the Rudderstack integration

I remember when I met Rudderstack CEO, Soumya. It was two years ago. Back then we just got started working on June.so.

We discussed how startups collect data, and take actions on it. Soumya shared his passion for data, and his vision for the future of the space. Among others, we talked about the rise of data warehouses like Snowflake. And the explosions of tools to pipe data in (ex: ETL) & out (ex: RETL).

We discussed the arrival of the Modern Data Stack (MDS) as a category, and why CDPs and the MDS would plug into each other smoothly. By solving complementary use cases.

Fast forward two years, next gen startups made it clear that they want actionable data.

They don't want to stitch together data pipelines that breaks and are expensive to maintain. They don't want to push data into vizualisation tools they don't have time or resources to analyse.

Today we're excited to share the June destination is live on Rudderstack 🎉

Using Rudderstack and June together means data is always accessible and actionable, without the engineering headache.

A big thank you to their team for putting some hard work into this integration.

We can't wait to see what you do with it!


To get started with Rudderstack and June you can follow this documentation.

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