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Today’s buyers are also the end-users, and when evaluating new software they much prefer to experience the magic of a product first hand.

The best products allow prospects to try before they buy, making the user experience an essential investment that pays dividends well beyond acquisition - by playing a key role in customer retention and expansion also.

Introducing Product-Led Analytics

When so much depends on the product usage, everyone on the team needs to know how the users actually experience the product.

Everyone, not only product managers, should be empowered to understand how the product is actually being used. Engineers, designers, marketers, success, and sales all want and need to know that they are working on what really matters. The playing field evolves so rapidly that it is impossible to steer the ship without a shared compass.

But Analytics tools are not working for you. Existing software offers a few experts all kinds of customized charts for advanced use cases, yet this flexibility comes at the cost of needing deep domain expertise to get things going.

Analytics gets a bad rap, opening legacy products is a cold and intimidating experience. June makes measuring your user behavior a warm and welcoming experience.

June is a plug-and-run solution compatible with how we build products today. June is a redo, a rethink, a reintroduction of Analytics. A fresh start, the way it should be.

After connecting your data source, June crunches, and benchmarks user behavior in a few clicks - no expertise required.

June brings back the magic to Analytics.

— Enzo & Ferruccio ❤️

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June 1.0 - Instant analytics reports built on top of Segment | Product Hunt

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June 1.0 - Instant analytics reports built on top of Segment | Product Hunt