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Quick Start

Integrate your app with June in minutes

What we'll cover

In order to automatically generate some reports on your users' behavior, you need to install June to your app.

This will take less than thirty minutes and consist of three easy steps:

  • Adding the June script to your app's code · 10 minutes
  • Telling us who your users are · 10 minutes
  • Telling us what your users are doing · 10 minutes

1. Install June

First, copy the tracking script inside the head tag of your website. The script is pre-filled with your secret June key, so we'll automagically start tracking your pageviews on install.

Technical Tasks

2. Add identify calls

With that first step done, we're now tracking your pageviews. To improve your reports, you'll need to identify your users in critical parts of your site, like logging in, signing up, or purchasing an item.

Technical Tasks

3. Track important events

You might want to generate reports about what users do on your site, and how long they stick around. Add tracking events throughout your app to start tracking this data.

Technical Tasks

Next steps

Check out the other guides, especially the "Sending Events" guide, to continue refining your integration and making sure you get the most out of June.